Layers 3




Peaking through broken cement, a secret

Hidden dreams, and the sweat of those who dared

Each brick and brush stroke telling a story

Of those who tried, had a vision, stood here

With each layer, an intimacy unearthed

Together becoming something new, dreams

Yellows, blues, brick red, aged earth colors

Unified by cracks, holes, the same struggle

Urban ecosystem, empty facade

A burning ambition, despite the odds

Fostering growth of a new kind, purpose

Roots break through, water always finds a way

Animals burrow near, humans loiter

Some see lost dreams, others see redemption



Layers 1



Peeling away layers of time, memory;

Encrusted in cement, paint and pain, loss;

Shrouded in dirt, sand and sea sprayed rust, to

Reveal truths hidden in lighter shades.

Expose brick laid by callused and dark hands,

Whose pain is overshadowed by legacy.

History beaten by wind, whipped by rain, torture,

While pulsing scars beat through brick and mortar,

Showing hints of long buried memories.

Sparking a battle to preserve the shroud, while

Hurricane winds supply much needed oxygen,

Break from restoring the yellow prison.

Let us watch the free flowing winds and breaking waves

And remove these masquerade masks for good