Textures soft and gentle, others hard and coarse – Exposed


Exposed to forces they didn’t seek out, want, need – Oppressed


Exposed to uncontrollable elements – Unhinged



Those left behind have endured the unspeakable – Persevere


Face to face with the natural and unnatural – Threatened


Hallowed crevices forming like a protective layer – Hardened


Others were penetrated to their soft inner core – Broken


Sophisticated structures, made ruin with time – Perspective



Mortar warn down so deep, bricks appear floating – Animation


Years since they have been nurtured, cared for, loved – Sadness


Enough still stand to make out the stature of another time – Pride


Too much is missing to see the future, the path ahead – Fractured



A persistent spirit clings on with mortar of will – Fighting


Doors still hinged onto an unknown destiny – Clarity


Gripping onto the sunlight with one foot stuck in the past – Exposed



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